We believe that tackling the toughest challenges in early childhood and achieving the biggest long-term impact requires people to come together. We collaborate with people from across the private, public and voluntary sectors and from all walks of life to bring about positive change. 

duchess with midwives

The power of the early years workforce

In the UK, children and families are supported by a passionately committed and professional workforce, including midwives, GPs, health visitors, childcare workers and educators. We have an opportunity to build a world-leading early years sector but this can only be achieved through collaboration. Across professions, departments and regions, a joined-up approach to the early years offers huge potential gains for society.

Tiny Happy People

The Duchess of Cambridge was proud to collaborate with the BBC on the development and launch of Tiny Happy People, a BBC Education initiative providing a range of free digital resources designed to support parents and carers in developing children’s language from pregnancy to the age of five.

It attracts 120,000 views every day across Instagram and Facebook, while the Tiny Happy People website reaches 47,000 parents each week.

“There has never been a more important time to support the early years, to help make sure that every child has the best start in life. The BBC is proud to be part of a coalition of organisations addressing this issue alongside the Centre for Early Childhood."

— Patricia Hidalgo Reina, Director of BBC Children’s and Education

Baby banks

The Covid-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge to our society, including families. In order to provide as much support as possible during this difficult time, we brought together nineteen British brands and retailers to donate over 25,000 new items to more than 40 baby banks nationwide to help the most vulnerable families in the UK.

duchess speaks to workers at baby bank

Steering group

In 2018 The Duchess of Cambridge convened an expert Steering Group to dig deeper into the early years landscape to understand the issues that we face and to learn how best we can tackle them.

The group included experts, academics, practitioners, service providers and charities within the sector. The work was also informed by consultation with parents and carers supported by the participating charities.

The advice and recommendations of the Steering Group have informed the creation of the Centre and the group has contributed to our first report.

kate meeting

Collaborative at heart

In addition to the specific partnerships highlighted here, there are numerous patronages, academic institutions, early years professionals and families who have contributed to the evolution of our work. The ambitious goal of transforming society by transforming early childhoods will not be achieved by any one person or organisation alone – it will depend on all of us.

rcog walking with nurse corridor